Our mission is to encourage the application of Israel’s proven technological creativity to major challenges faced by the global construction and infrastructure industries, accelerating the development of new approaches that enhance building productivity and safety. We aim to identify and support promising Construction-Tech and Smart Infrastructure startups with groundbreaking concepts for digitalizing, virtualizing and streamlining the design, construction and operation of building infrastructure, structural components and utilities.



  • Funding

    NIS 1 million
  • Unique Infrastructure

    3D printers, smart grid emulator, Big Data and IOT platform, full access to construction sites
  • Complete Development Activities

    “Maker space” for R&D, alpha sites able to simulate infrastructure, beta site for live testing
  • Go To Market

    Potential first client, business development support, regulatory know how
  • Professionals

    Access to international industry experts and to our network
  • Marketing opportunities

    Exposure and connecting to leading global markets; provision of PR and opportunities for exposure (conferences, demonstration days, etc); international delegations; etc


  • Equipment and software

    Basic tools as required to reach proof - of - principle
  • Professional support

    Consulting and mentoring to improve value proposition
  • Office

    Pleasant environment suitable for early-stage startups